The Medical (Amendment) Act 2012

received Royal Assent on the 5th Sept 2012 and the gazette was published on the 20th Sept 2012. The Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 makes it a legal requirement for doctors wishing to practice as specialists to have their name entered on the National Specialist Register.| Read More |


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A New E-Certificate Will Be Made Available For All Registered Specialists

Kindly update your account before you download your E-Certificate.

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The AMM Medical Specialist CPD System is now Online

Attention to all NSR specialists: You will need to register your CPD Points for renewal of Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

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SSC Meeting Dates

Latest updated list of all Specialty Sub-Committees.

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Submission Deadline for Applications

Please note that the deadline for submission of applications and supporting documents will be closed 1 WEEK before the date of the respective meeting. Any applications received after the deadline will be evaluated in the forthcoming round of meeting.