Q. What is CPD?
According to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guideline, CPD is the range of learning activities through which medical practitioners maintain, develop, update and enhance their knowledge, skills and performance required for safe and appropriate practice in their relevant specialties'.

In a broader sense, most definitions suggest CPD as a continuous ongoing process, building on the initial education of the medical practitioner to ensure his competence is up to date to provide high standards of patient care.

CPD has been made a compulsory requirement for the issuance of the Annual Practising Certificate (APC).


CPD System for Specialists
As the CPD system for specialists is linked to your registration on the Specialist Register, you can claim CPD activities specific to your specialty/field of practice through the CPD system for specialists.

Q. When do I start collecting CPD points and how many CPD points are required?
The collection of CPD points for the application of APC for a CPD year shall be from 1st July to 30th June, e.g. CPD points for the application of APC for 2020 shall be from 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019.

Q. What type of CPD points can I claim from the CPD system for specialists?
1. Specialty/field of practice (FOP) CPD points that the specialist registered in NSR
2. Non-specialty CPD points i.e. other than what the specialist has registered in NSR

Q. What type of CPD activity is considered 'specialty-related' i.e. specific to field of practice (FOP)?
Currently, only CPD activities which have been reviewed and assigned CPD points in your specialty/FOP are considered 'specialty-related' i.e. specific to your field of practice. These include congress, conference, seminar, scientific meeting workshops and courses (A1-A3), Organising Chairman for a scientific meeting (A4a), Presentation at meetings for free paper/short paper/poster (A5a), Plenary lecture/long paper (A5b) and Lecture presentation (A5c).

Q. Can I claim points for activities other than congress, conference, seminar, scientific meeting, workshops and courses (other than category A1, A2 and A3 under the MMC CPD grading system)?
Yes, you can also claim CPD points for other CME sessions, professional activities, presentation at meetings, publications of original articles and professional affiliations, self/group study, CME Online and Special interest training (category A4-A9 from the MMC-CPD grading system). With respect to the non-specialty CPD activities, it is not considered specialty-related because it does not go through a review process by CPD review Committee. However, the points generated can be used for the total cumulative to apply for APC renewal.

Q. If I have two Specialty/FOP, can all CPD activities listed in the CPD system for specialists under my specialty/FOP be considered specialty-related?
YES, if you have 2 FOP, all reviewed CPD activities related to any of your FOP is considered specialty-related. For example, if you are registered on the Specialist Register as a respiratory physician & also an internal medicine physician, all CPD activities in the respiratory medicine & internal med are considered 'specialty related'. If you are registered on the Specialist Register under Gastroenterology & Hepatology & also Internal Medicine, all CPD activities in Gastroenterology & Hepatology & Internal Medicine are considered 'specialty-related'.

Q. If an event is stated under both my specialties/FOP, can you claim CPD points for both FOP?
No, for one event, e.g. the 'GUT' meeting, if you have claimed CPD point for Gastroenterology & Hepatology, you therefore can no longer claim CPD points for Internal Medicine as you can only claim CPD point for one of the Specialty/FOP because its only one event.

Q. If I have two FOP, am I required to accumulate CPD points for each specialty/FOP that I registered on the Specialist Register?
Currently, MMC has not made it a requirement to claim specialty-related CPD points, however, specialist is encouraged to participate in specialty-related CPD events.

CPD activities related to any of your FOP is considered specialty-related. You do not require to accumulate CPD points for each specialty/FOP that you registered on the Specialist Register. For example, for a Paediatrician, CPD activity in any of the specialty/FOP under Paediatrics will be considered "specialty-related". However, the CPD event is listed in a particular specialty/FOP, it will be captured separately in your respective FOP.

Q. Who are the reviewers of the CPD activities?
The reviewers of the CPD activities are specialty specific with members experienced in the subject area. The Specialist CPD Activity Review Committee shall evaluate the educational activity of providers using the standards defined by the MMC- CPD Committee for Medical Specialist to ensure that the content of the educational activity is relevant to that particular field of practice (specialty) and make recommendations with regards to its suitability and allocation of CPD points.


CPD for MOH Specialists

Q. I am MOH Specialist. Do I need to capture my CPD points in the NSR/Medical Specialist CPD?
MOH Specialist is required to claim CPD points through NSR/Medical Specialist CPD system and the link between NSR/Medical Specialist CPD system and MyCPD will allow a single entry for MOH specialist.

Q. How do I get the link between MyCPD and NSR/Medical Specialist CPD system?
Kindly click here for the details.

The successful link between MyCPD system with Medical Specialist CPD system will enable all MOH specialists to record their CPD activities with Medical Specialist CPD System. A summary of the CPD points claimed in the Medical Specialist CPD system will be shown in MyCPD.

Q. How do I claim CPD points for Categories A11, B1- B3?
According to the latest Malaysian Medical Council CPD grading system as attached, all RMPs are required to claim CPD points from category A1-A9 only.

Q. Who will be my supervisor for approval my CPD points?
Kindly be informed that all the events that already listed in the system with the CPD points have been reviewed by the CPD Committee. No approval by supervisor needed for you to claim the CPD points in the NSR CPD system.



Q. How does the system work?
All NSR specialists are required to log on to the Medical Specialist CPD system to record their CPD points claim. The steps:
i. Log In
ii. Call up List of Events
iii. Choose Event from List to claim CPD Points – the CPD Points for the event will be automatically added to your account.
iv. If an event you attended and wish to claim points for is not in the list, you can submit the event into the system.

Q. Where do I access the list of Accredited Events under my specialty so that i can start claiming CPD Points?
On the main page of Medical Specialist CPD system– You can click to List Events on your specialty / Field of Practice (FOP).

Q. How do I view the list of accredited events under other specialties / Field of Practice?
You can search for an event under other specialties / Field of Practice under List events under other fields of practice.

Q. How do I view an Event?
Just click on EventID to View Event.

Q. How do I claim CPD points?
You need to view the event on the View Event page to claim CPD Points. To claim CPD points for that event, just click on the Claim CPD Points button/link when you are on the View Event page.

1. For example: 26th Malaysian Urological Conference, just key in the Urological and press ENTER.

2. All events with the keyword of Urological will be listed. Then, click on the EVENTID: 230.

3. And Click on "Click to Claim CPD Points for Event".

Q. I have entered my event into the system, but why is there '0' points and no button for me to click to claim CPD Points for it?
The 'Claim CPD Points' button will only be available after the secretariat received the Full Scientific Programme via email; admin@cpd.specialist.org.my that need to be sent to the CPD Reviewer Committee evaluate for CPD points.



Q. Where do I submit an Unlisted Event?
On the mainpage of your Medical Specialist CPD account - under section: Submit an Unlisted Event.

Before you submit the unlisted event, kindly go to Search for an Event and search for the keyword of the event.

For example: 26th Malaysian Urological Conference, just key in the Urological and press ENTER.

Q. How do I submit an Unlisted Event?
If an event you wish to claim CPD Points for is not found in the system, you may go to the Submit Unlisted Event section. When you have submitted a new event to be listed, you will not be able to claim points for it yet.

You are required to send the Full Scientific Programme of the event (only for the A1-A3 category) to the Secretariat via email; admin@cpd.specialist.org.my for the CPD Reviewer team will review and assign CPD points accordingly within 14 days. When this has been done, you will be able to claim points for the event.



Q. Do I send my attendance certificates to you to claim CPD Points?
No. You will be required to email scanned copies to us upon request only. Please do not send physical copies to us.

Q. Will my CPD points claim be checked / audited?
Specialists will be randomly selected for auditing.



Q. Who do I ask if I have questions?
For all queries on your specialty's CPD points, please contact the Medical Specialist CPD secretariat at admin@cpd.specialist.org.my

Q. I am having technical difficulties in using the system. Who do I contact?
A. Please click on this link to contact the website admin.